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Mac shortcuts

September 8, 2010

Recently i switched from windows to mac at home and the prime reason for this switch is , i wanted to develop for tiny,shiny little aluminium cased toy ‘iPhone’. First few days of Mac use is kind of frustrating since i have never used a Mac before and used Windows for last decade, i missed the shortcuts like win+D to see my desktop and win+L to lock the screen etc. Every time i felt like i missed a shortcut, i immediately google for the same to find equivalent key combination on Mac. I would like to put the knowledge that i gain from various forum at one place for reference, so this post is meant for aggregating the information that i find over google about the Mac shortcuts. Content of this post will be updated now and then. These shortcuts are applicable to Macbook pro.

  1. Page-up and Page-down on Macbook pro : function key + up/down arrow
  2. Deleting a line in xcode : control + k
  3. Screen shot : cmd+shift+3, current screen is captured and png image is saved to desktop
  4. Switch between iChat windows cmd+`

If you know any interesting and useful shortcut on Mac , just leave a comment.